How to Commission a Portait or Illustration

Portraits and illustrations can be created with the use of photographs and video tapes of your subjects. Natural lighting (sunlight rather than a camera flash) works best for capturing true colors. When possible, I prefer to see the subjects and photograph them myself, this is the best way to capture the individual's character and personality. You may instead provide me with your own photography and/or video. (If providing professionally taken photographs and videos, I will need written authorization from the photographer allowing me to use their images as a reference.)

Once I have suitable references to work from, we will discuss the best ways to set up the artwork. Due to the individual circumstances that go with creating a portrait, prices will vary. I will quote a price to you based on materials, complexity, and size.

An advance of 50% is required to begin the process, with the balance due upon delivery of the artwork. If the project is cancelled, we will establish a fee based on the amount of work completed. I will provide you with a tight sketch for approval before beginning final painting.

Prices start at:

- Pencil (graphite) $200.00 and up.
- Colored pencil $300.00 and up.
- Watercolors $500.00 and up.
- Oils $1,500.00 and up.

I am reimbursed for traveling expenses, photography, and shipping of the artwork. Custom matting and framing are available at an additional cost. All photographs and videos provided by the client will be safely returned upon completion of the artwork and receipt of final payment.

Copyright on all commissioned portraits, illustrations, and photographs are retained by me, Rose Lowry, and cannot be reproduced in any way without written agreement.

"Pronto" graphite

Meadow foals, watercolor and color pencil